Set In Stone


Yes, steal is a mineral and minerals are considered stones. My blog, I win.
I got the tag for my bracelet in about two weeks ago, but the bracelet I had wouldn't work so I had to order a new one. It came in yesterday. So I re-sized it (thanks Mom!) and put it together. I decided to start wearing it just to get used to it. I didn't want it bugging me while weaning. But as I put it together, the road ahead seems more solidified. It also seems long and arduous, but at least it is more clear than it was before. I have much more to go, but the crest looks to be neigh. IN 13 days, I will have my pituitary gland sliced, minced, prodded, poked at, sucked and snipped. I am ready. Lets DO EHT!

I just hope while up there, my marbles don't come out. I need those.

And Yes, my name is on my tag. Photoshop took care of that.

The Weary Zebra

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A good friend of mine and I talked over Facebook yesterday and she suggested I make a list of things I hope will happen in my life. Ive had this disease my entire life and dont know what "life" is really like with out Cushing's. But I KNOW I need this surgery so I can have some sort of chance at a "normal" life.
But this morning, I went to church.

My body said no. My body needed rest. It did not want to get out in the heat. It did not want to walk or climb stares. But I knew that I would not be able to go after surgery for quite some time. The congregation prayed over me and people actually care, even though they have no idea what is wrong. But what surprised me was that a woman stopped me on our way out. Her daughter was told she has a pituitary tumor, has nearly ALL the Cushing's symptoms, and has an endocrinologist that is messing with her. So I told her about Dr. Ludlum and his Cushie Camp and that her daughter needs to get there ASAP! I will be emailing her the info shortly.
Me having this disease has brought, including this woman, 4 people to Dr. Ludlum and closer to getting their lives back. If that is His will, so be it. I will be an ambassador of hope. And Courage. If I can do that, if I can bring others to doctors or at least to knowledge that they have a chance at getting cured, at a normal live, it makes it all worth it.
I hope...

to have children

to direct major motion pictures as well as inde films

to travel the world

to visit all my new, Cushie friends

to work and march for a better future with my comrades

to take Mrs. Zebra out dancing

to get Mrs. Zebra "cured"

to cook huge meals

to mow my own lawn

to have the energy to mod my own car

to feel like my own age

to not be winded by walking from my car to a building

to move to a cooler climate

to be happy

I love the quote in the picture above. There ARE more important things than my fear.
The Weary Zebra

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