Day For Night


Do you see what time I am posting this? Yes, I am up that late. My heart is pounding, my chest hurts and I am WIDE AWAKE! The last week, I probably have slept less than 10 hrs. I cycle really hard, and seem to do it randomly, although I am just starting to figure all this out. When I THOUGHT I had figured this out, I was awake at night, starting about 8pm, until 2am or so, and tired all day. This week? It was like my adernals said, "HOLD UP! Lets throw him for a loop!" This week, I have been at least fairly wired durring the day (and except for the brain fog and innatentiveness, it was mostly great. One day was really painful, but ok otherwise), then would go into a lull around 6pm until close to 9pm. Then the high started until 2am! Couldnt sleep well from 2am-6am then it was time to get up. I probably got up every hour each night.

Then today, I got to sleep in (well, I mean Saturday)!

I was able to fall asleep around 3am, and slept preaty badly until 5:30am. Then it was nightmares (not usual for me to dream) until I woke in a panic at 9:45! My chest already hurt, pulse was high, and I was already angry. I was ticked off all teh way until 1:30pm, when my low started. I had to run errands till 3:00 pm, at which point, I passed out for a few hours.

Now Im up again. I *LOVE* not sleeping! At least I had something construtive to do earliler. And the rest of my time has been spent wondering why my ice machine hates me! I cant function in this world like this anymore! I need to get a diagnosis soon.

Speaking of: I got my first UFC back early Friday morning (yep, was up when I got the email at 3am). It shows I have Cushing's. I emailed the endocrinologist I saw, since I dont have his number, and have not heard from him yet. And I called the Swedish institute and am waiting on a call from them and a couple of studys. Not if we can my wife on the same road to a DX! Getting sleepy finally so G-Night!