Pick Your Poison


A good friend that reads this blog was talking to be about how Cushing's effects our sleeping patterns. And she said that "it feels like I am getting shots of Nyquill and expresso at the most inappropriate times," I thought that was one of the most brilliant explanations I have ever heard! The only thing was that I would have said energy drink instead of coffee because I hate coffee and dont know what it really does to the body, but tomato, tomaato.
Let me explain a typical Cushie day for me, in the light of energy levels. I have to get up earlier than most people would, because it takes me longer to get up and dressed. Truth be told, it would be MUCH earlier than that if I didnt have help. It is embarrassing to say, but Mrs. Zebra helps me every morning by picking out my clothes from the closet and drawers, putting together my shorts with belt and such, and helping me up so I can put them on. She also feeds the bunny and cat and fixes breakfast all because I feel like I just took a shot of Nyquil. At least a shot. And I usually feel like this all day, with aches and pains, and the crushing tiredness like I want to fall asleep. Even while driving. In fact, imagine driving a bus full of kids feeling like this. I did, for 4 years and a full time student. HELL.

Sometimes I will get my expresso feeling around 3-4pm (1500-1600), but usually happens around 8pm (2000). I feel so much better! I have all this energy! My aches and pains start to fade away! So time to do something constructive, right? Not a chance. I cant focus. I had too much "coffee". Now all I can do is shake and rock and try to tire myself out because I need to go to sleep soon! Then my chest starts to hurt, and every vein in my body feels like its going to burst. And my head starts to hurt. Then, as it gets closer to midnight, I get a dose of BOTH Nyquill and expresso. So now I feel so tired but CAN'T sleep! And I feel like Im going to explode!
So around 2am, sometimes as late as 4am, I finally fall asleep. Sometimes earlier if the sleeping pill works. Then I have to get up about 6am. Sometimes earlier. And I toss and turn all night, sweating and I wake up sore and tired again.
This morning was nice because that happened last night, but today is my first day off in months! I dont have any cash to shop with, no where to go and nothing to do. I got to sleep in a bit, and am about to take a nap.
I think Im dressed for the occasion!

The Weary Zebra

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