Zebra Snippet 10: Sleep


Sleep. The night time rest that mocks me. That mocks most Cushing's sufferers. For the first time in so many months I can not count, I got 8 straight hours of sleep. Heck, This is the first time in so many months that I got more than 2 straight hours. And I feel like I didnt sleep at all.
From my experience and what others tell me, Cushing's Patients have a love/hate relationship with it: We love it, it hates us. Some people, like myself, have two options when it comes to sleep usually. We can try to sleep and end up tossing and truing, dozing in and out, heart beating out of our chests, not resting. Or we can stay up, wait the cortisol out and hopefully get a few hours of light sleep before we have to go back to work again. As I write this, I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel like a train hit me and wondered what happened in the 8hrs I spend unconscious. It feels like I spent the entire night drinking vodka and tequila. And no, I didn't. Just saying this must be how it feels to do so.
5 more days until I step foot in the Land Of Port, to see Dr. Ludlum.