Sinus Surgery


Today is day three of post op sinus surgery. I had surgery on Thursday, and it ie yet another one I really would rather not to again, but might have to anyway.

Apparently, the swelling was so bad, the ENT could not finish after four hours and gave up. He did fix my septum, and I have the splints to prove it. And he packed me full of foam for some reason. He didn't tell me anything about what he did, and told Mrs. Zebra very little.

This is so much worse than the pitutary surgey for the simple fact that at least with that surgery, I was kept as comfortable as possible. This time, they gave me low strength vicodin and said tough it out. I hate the doctors here, and I really get the feeling they don't like me at UT SW. They have on my file not to give me oxycotton or dilaudid, even after the latter was explained. Why no oxycotton? Got me.

The Weary Zebra

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