Today I am 17 Days out from surgery. Im beginning to have some 2nd and even 3rd thoughts about it. This is battling with the rational thought that I NEED this surgery. I just thought I would get some of these out.
Im afraid I might not make it through surgery.

Im afraid my personality might change drastically.

Im afraid they wont get it all, and it will have been for nothing.

Im afraid I will get a Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak.

Im afraid of how I will feel afterwards.

Im afraid I will be an invalid.

Im afraid I will make Mrs. Zebra too jealous of my being able to stay home while she works.

Im afraid they wont find ANY tumor at all.

Im afraid we will go bankrupt because of my illness.

Im afraid Mrs. Zebra will leave me for a healthier man.

Im afraid my work will let me go because of my illness.

Im afraid of being hospitalized (though its been on my list of things to experience in this life)

Im afraid my family will become even more distant than they already are.

Im afraid of being more lonely than I am now.

Im afraid adrenal insufficiency.
Im afraid of giving myself injections.

Im afraid of weening.

Im afraid of being alone.

Im afraid I will be a burden on my father-in-law.

Im afraid no one will visit me, as is common with Cushing's.

Im afraid my pituitary will never turn back on.

Im afraid my adrenals wont ever work right again.

Im afraid I wont know what to do with myself when I AM better.

Im afraid of my life being so different afterwards.

Im afraid nothing will happen.

Im afraid the surgeon will sneeze during surgery.

Im afraid an earthquake will strike during surgery.

Im afraid of an electrical outage during surgery.

Im afraid I wont be thought of.

Im afraid.

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I've talked to a few people about this and may have even touched on this before. From the people I have talked to, and the research I have done, the weird things I have seen all my life a most likely due to my high levels of cortisol. I remember growing up, and at night I would have these vivid nightmares. I still do. Thing was, and is, that I wasn't sleeping when some occurred. I remember being in 4th grade and sitting in the living room at 2am, because it was the coolest room in the house, rocking because I was having a cortisol attack, and I wasn't alone. There were people in the room behind and to my sides. Just starring at me. So I starred at the TV, watching Cartoon Network's old reruns, until my chest stopped hurting and I got sleepy again, usually around 4am.
I still have them now.
The last 5 years, we have had a black cat live with us. He has piercing eyes that shine at night. HE doesn't like to come near me. Usually stays a few feet away. Doesn't eat much. And has followed me to work a few times. When he followed me to work, it was concrete to me that the was not real. He would walk by the door to my office, and repeat the same pass over and over without regard to anyone there.
Last week, when Mrs. Zebra and I went to bed, the room changed paint, and all the furniture was rearranged all of a sudden. Nothing made sense. It scared me. Or my wife's shirt will change colors from when I look at her one minute to the next.
22 days and this bugger gets cut out!

The Weary Zebra

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