5 Weeks Post Op

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Well, it's 5 weeks after surgery. I got a call from my doc on Friday when I sent them an email about my last ween. The last ween I did, the morning after I was not functional at all. Mrs. Zebra and her father nearly dragged me to the living room to take my meds and eat. I honestly woke up an hour later, not knowing how I got there, in a great deal of pain. I sent my nurse practitioner an email about it.

My doc called and I explained it wasn't getting any better over the weens and that the NP kept pushing me. He told me I messed up a ween (not bad, just mis read it) and to go back one week. So I ended up actually going back 2 because I messed up on one. But Friday, I'm scheduled to ween again. Almost the same one: no evening dose. 

I think I still might have a small CSF leak, but it comes and goes. It didn't help either that I was battling an upper respratory infection. This whole this is still a huge struggle. I know almost for certain my pit is not awake yet. No libido at all, and I think my Growth Hormone is low. I won't get that checked until September. I just hope AFLAC pays soon so we can get plane tickets.

My taste isn't 100% back, but much better. Smell too, sometimes I wish my smell was still gone! My lengthy visits to the rest room are not fun at all! Try being so constipated that you have to push hard CAREFULLY, then right after the plug is loosed, having the runs so bad, a Bantha would run from the smell. Sorry. Just a fact of life for me now. And so weak still. And people stil want me to do this and that. And in 110° heat! No way! I can't wait to explore life after cushing's. 
Mrs. Zebra is scared though. Mostly, because she is afraid we won't be able to have kids now. I just tell her that we will cross that bridge when it come and if worst comes to worst, there are so many kids out there that need moms and dads. God may have some picked out for us. It's hard dealing with my own hormonal and emotional issues, but to have to deal with both of ours is harder. Then again, she has had to do the same. Neither one of us stands straght up, we lean on each other. And it if it were not for her, and all of you readers, I could not have made it this far. Now, its nap time!

The Weary Zebra

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