What a day.

I went to my 2 month check up on Monday. I had two doc appointments and a battery of blood tests. I got the results yesterday. Most of the results I was ready for. I am extremely low in all my hormones: Testosterone, prolactin, Growth Hormone. I was prepared for that. These things are fixable. Or at least I thought they were. What I was surprised at is my cortisol is still higher than it needs to be. They want to retest, but cant until I am completely weened off the steroids. That should happen within a few weeks. They warned me I was an oddball case. Im not worrying over the cortisol as much. Im worried about the other hormones right now.

Without Testosterone, I dont have the energy or motivation I need, and the lack of it kills my bones. The GH will also make me feel better and help my mussels rebuild. I cant have the GH yet because my sugar was high the day of the test. I had been out of my meds for a few days and coupled with stress, didn't help my sugar. So they want proof it is ok. Plus, if I DO have a tumor still, or even just tumor cells, the GH will make them grow faster.

I was going to get the Testosterone perception, but that might kill my chances to have children. The docs suggested I see a reproductive specialist to get other hormones that can boost my testosterone. The problem with this is that out of all the reproductive doctors I have talked to, most do not deal with men, and the rest just tell me to go back to my endo. I HATE doctors here!

So Im stuck. I dont know what to do. I was hoping I would stain deficient because I could get meds that way, but I cant get any meds. I am beginning to think surgery was a bad idea.

The Weary, Dejected, Zebra

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