Good News Everyone!


Well, last week I saw my new (hopefully) doctor and did a follow up at Swedish. The new doctor is a natureopath who used herbs along with western medicine to treat illness. She wants me to try an herb from India that regulates adrenal function and cortisol. That sounded good until I went to Swedish.

At Swedish, they acted as if they actually believed me. They sent me home with a jug to pee in and told me that they wanted to try me on one of two medicines. Corcept and Signifor.

Here is the catch: I can get Signifor, a $25,000/yr drug, for free if I can prove I am having cushing's symptoms. If I get on Corcept, my health insurance is free. And from what I understand, signifor works better and is more long term. So, I dont know what will happen. NORD wants to cancel my insurance because they didn't tell me I had to be on any medication for the program I am enrolled in. So I will probably loose my access to medical care until I can get approved for charity care, but they don't cover lab work . Which is a big deal seeing as the original testing came to just over $25,000 (everything cushings related must be a multiple of 5) and the surgery was around $50k.

This week also saw two other good things. Well, sort of. A very good couple of friends who were domestic partners ended this part of their relationship and one moved in with us to get back on their feet. I don't transition well, but its been easier with them helping us with bills and house work. Its going to be a good thing. We also finally saw a raise in our food stamps. Substantial raise. I wont get into how much, but we don't have to worry about food for a while.

I cant get hold of the place I was applying for close to home. They wont even return my calls. So Im stuck driving an hour each day and its killing me. But all in all, it was a stressful but good week.

Thanks again for reading!

The Weary, and cautiously optimistic, Zebra.