TOO stressed out!


Wow. It has been one hell of a day.

Before I continue, thanks to all of you who read this. I still get new readers all the time. To answer the latest questions, we have not moved yet. We have 39 days until our scheduled date. But we might have to push it back. And we got some solid leads for homes. So that's good.

Anyway, I've been super stressed lately. I have had to ween faster than I was ready, so I haven't been able to do much. I had to ween because my meds were too high last time we got unemployment. So I couldn't get my steroids. And at the time I thought I was tough enough to do it. Yea, well no. To boot, I've also been out of pain meds for the last few days. So I have tried not to move much. Just typing this is killing my thumbs.

Now add all that to the stress of finding a place to live in an area where rentals operate in a totally different way, and the stress of trying to deal with freaked out people when they find out you aren't full of crap and are actually moving, so they need to gain all your experience at once (notice I said experience, not knowledge because I figured it out for myself, so can they with a bit of help from me ;-)) and neighbors who's only car has been in the shop for weeks, so you are giving rides (Mrs Zebra has been having to lately because I can't drive much) and THEN, all of a sudden, the car battery won't hold an effing charge and you constantly have to go out and jump it! Lucky, we got unemployment two days early, so now we have a battery. Probably can get much food now, but at least we can drive past grocery shops and drool... 

Sorry, we both have just had it lately, especially today. We were fighting the urge to bite each other's heads off tonight even. My sweet, sweet wife is a very mean person where she is in pain. And I know I'm no happy camper either. 39 days until we move. And at least that long until we can get cannabis medical cards. I sure hope it's good pain relief. But at least we will be close to good docs either way. And wonderful friends who can COOK!

The Weary and deflated Zebra