Lil' Buddy


Well, I felt pretty crummy last week, and especially Saturday. I was either super high and miserable or low and miserable. And it seemed our cat, George DeKat, knew it. He usually does. We have a routine every day. I come home first usually and when I open the door, he is waiting for me literally at the door. He follows me around while I get ready to decompress, and we sit on the couch and I do nothing but pet him and watch TV. If I try to check email, he gets mad at me.
The day I took this picture, Friday, I got off early and went to lay down before going out with friends. Knowing how exhausting it is, I knew I needed to rest. He didn't like this, and usually will ignore me the rest of the evening because of this. Not this time. This time he got right up and laid on me. He knew I needed to have some company. He did the same thing when we got home that night. He knew I needed to pet him, to relax.
Our daily routine may seem like its just for him, but really it is therapeutic for the both of us.
The Weary Zebra

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