Too tired to cary on...


Its been several months and my followers deserve an update. Ive been so sick and down that there hasnt been much to post.

Summer finally came and went here in Washington state. But it didnt happen without me getting fired from my job at Working America. I was $3 short of my weekly deposit quota. You can read about it HERE.

Ive been trying to get my job back while doing as much freelance work as I can. Mrs. Zebra is still unemployed and still battling many internal demons as well. When I do get work, I get the run around as far as what the client wants, all the settings change, etc. Why cant I just work and get paid?

We are so broke, we cant afford to go and do anything to get our minds off of things. We are eating once a day now too. Not even a big meal. We are slowly starving to death.

In September, I had my hearing for disability and it was post-poned a couple weeks because my lawyer was a hack and didn't show up. The new lawyer found that none of my docs had been helping me at all either, including those at Swedish. My hearing finally comes and the judge is conservative and dosent care that the docs have listed me as disabled, and according to SSI rules I qualify in several categories  Nope. Got the report today.

So on to the next level. If I survive.

Does anyone even give a shit?