Next Stop: Camp Cushie!


Today, I kicked my PCP to the curb! I haven't told him yet, but the last few days have been THE HARDEST dealing with him. He didn't believe in Cushing's until Friday, then all of a sudden knows everything about it. He told me he would not refer me to Dr. Ludlum for a workup unless I went and got a workup from one of HIS endocrinologists. Knowing him, he would have told them to ignore me and send me back. He refused on all accounts. I mean, obviously, Im just a fat and lazy sack of crap!

But I still need a referral. So Dr. Ludlum sugested I find another doctor and try to just get referall. I decided to go to a doc-in a-box (PrimaCare= ER walk in clinic) and not only were they able to do the referal (CareNow wouldnt) but the doctor I saw is so intrested in my condition, she wants me to update her on it when I get back. If she ever gets her own practice, I will pay her a visit!

We are getting flights now for April 18th and the 23rd.  This is finally hapining.... It hasnt fully sunk in yet....

Next stop, Camp Cushie....

The Weary Zebra

Zebra Snippet 5: The Walk


Many people take for granted the ability to do every day activities. Going out on the town is something most people just "do". People with Cushing's, however, do not have this luxury. We have to plan for every part of our day. The planning alone can sap your energy with what this disease does to ones mind.
Take a trip to the mall, for instance. Just park and go in, right? Not for us. First you have to figure out which way is the right direction to go, then remember it. Then, comes the hard part: finding a close enough place that you won't be TOO tired or TOO out of breath to do your errands. As usual, I dropped the misses off as close as possiable. But after having to park way out, I really wish I had a handycap plaquard. It's harder for the misses to do the walk, but after seeing this sight, I really can't wait for tha diagnosis. This summer, I can forget about walking this in the 110° heat...