3 weeks post op


Im sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been so tired and sick lately I just have not had the energy. 

Mrs. Zebra and Dad-in-Law really pushed me the first few weeks to get out and do more and well intended as they were, I think I way over did it. I ended up in the hospital last week for a CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid ) leak. I started dripping in a restaurant and that evening I was being transported from UT Southwestern ER to their Neuro ICU. Thats where I met the real reason I went to Swedish and Dr Ludlum/Mayberg instead of here. Once they found out I traveled to Seattle for my surgery, the docs became hostile and wanted to change up all my meds, and got really mad when I asked them to talk to the doctors whom care for me currently! I couldn't get the drip to reproduce but my drainage got worse. All the while, I am weening off my hydrocortisone which is the only thing standing between me and another trip to the ER. In fact, every morning between 2am and my 8am dose, I get to experience Adrenal Insufficiency. They dont worry because Im sleeping and its for a short time. And using this, its supposed to jump start my pituitary and so far it hasn't worked. 

So, friends, family, etc. I really cant go anywhere anymore. I had brain surgery. I look fine, but in the past week, I had a CSF leak and started bleeding internally again. I did way too much. Im sorry. I dont mean to disappoint you guys but my daily workout has been going to the bathroom in time to make it. If I have to, Ill start wearing bandages around my head. But feel free to come over and visit. Lord knows Im up for that! The apt is clean and you can move around it! And we do need some help with stuff. And just to come over and hang would be cool. But Mrs. Zebra canceled her old plans for my birthday this week and so far the plan is just for you guys to come over and hang out. She will have more details tonight. Thanks for understanding. If it helps, pretend I have cancer! 

I ween again tomorrow. The last one was scary, this one is even scarier. Keep me in your thoughts. For now, Im off for a nap. Doc appointment wore me out. Thanks Mike! You really came through!

The (very) Weary Zebra

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