Tumor strikes unsuspecting bystanders


So a good friend decided to come see us after many months of fellowship over the phone and online, and check out the Seattle scene. We got him situated on Saturday, then took the day to rest, as we were all exhausted. Sunday, we decided to surprise him with a trip up Mt. Rainier, as Mrs. Zebra and I could share driving. Our good friend even paid for gas! Was a great trip!

Yesterday, I casually took him around Downtown Seattle, and had a great time. Very tired, but so much fun. But unfortunately Mrs. Zebra stayed behind and cleaned the house for our guest. But she wore herself out. She was ready for bed, and unfortunately had a bit of a hormone explosion and misunderstood what was to be a quick stepping out as an exit for the evening and let loose. He thought it was his fault and now is considering leaving early. I fucking hate this disease. It's why we have such few friends.