Stalker from former employer


First, I want to thank everyone that reads this and either shares it or offers advice, or any number of positive things. It helps me cope with the aftermath and the long road to recovery I am on. Thank you all so much. But there is at least ONE person who is sitting at their computer, reading this, that has decided that they know more about me and my condition, they think I am faking or lying about my condition and have decided to threaten my wife and I. They worked with me at my former place of employment, and have taken it upon themselves to break the law and send a harassing and threatening letter to Mrs. Zebra's place of employment. I keep her, and my name for that matter, off here for just such reasons, but there is only a three people at my former work place that I have told exactly where she works. And one of them actually had her husband look into getting a job there. So Im pretty sure who this was. So this post is for that person.

You know nothing. You have no clue what happened the day I was told to come back to work from Family Medical Leave (Act) and you have no idea what myself, and my wife, and my family have been going through. And instead of coming to me, and asking me what happened you decide to break the law and send a threatening and harassing letter to my wife, who is having a hard enough time coping with what happened in January. If you want to grow a pair and actually have an adult discussion about it, then why dont you come to me and ask? Well, now you can't because that would ensure your guilt in sending the letter, but your finger prints will probably be enough anyway (M.S. § 609.749, Subd. I)  But Ill let you off the hook just to educate you. But you have to come to me. Until then, the above photo tells you all you need to know.

The Weary and Angry Zebra

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I know I havent done an entry in a while. Mostly because not much has changed.
I had sinus surgery almost two months ago and while I am breathing a bit better, Im still not out of the woods as they say. Its not healing properly, probably due to the extra cortisol Im still producing. At least, I think I am producing. I am having cushing's symptoms still, and they are getting worse. I am waiting on a medfusion from Ludlum but they are supposed to call me. That will prompt a 8am blood test to see weather or not I need a full work up or not. And my insurance runs out after april. If I want, I can pay the full $600/mo but thats one unemployment check. So unless something happens soon, Im screwed. Im still waiting on growth hormone from Dr. Ludlum and honestly I dont know what to do at this point.
The last few weeks, I have been so depressed. I cant find work, I cant get my hormones fixed, and now Im about to not have insurance anymore. I just hope something happens soon to fix this.

The Weary, and worried, Zebra

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