Long time, no see...


Hey all. How have you been?

Im sorry its been so long. A lot has happened since I last posted. Mrs. Zebra lost her job, and to be closer to my doc in Seattle, we scrimped and scraped and barely made it up here. Just in time for the huge budget cuts to happen to social services. So we are in line to fill out paperwork to get in line to see a doctor. Mrs. Zebra is really sick, but we arent 100% sure what with. Her skin is thinning and her hands and feet are always in pain. I thought that I could go back to work and for the last month I have been commuting 2hrs one way to get to a part time job that makes just over minium wage. So after this month, we will probably be evicted. But maybe someone can help us out. Check out the video below and see if you can help.

The very weary zebra.