You dont get it.


Things arent going so well for us. But something a friend left on my VM irked me enough to write. Note: None of what I am about to say has been embellished.

Someone who is perfectly healthy, and owns their own home, told me how lucky I was to have a job (they are unemployed and piddled around until their UI ran out, spent loads on beer and women). Im facing eviction, Im so sick that the 3hr daily commute is literately killing me. I spend about 1/4 of what I DO make on transportation to/from work. And the worst part is HE KNOWS THIS!

I understand depression, I live it every day. Its a struggle physically and mentally to get out of bed each day. So when someone that is COMPLETELY PHYSICALLY HEALTHY tells me that I am "so lucky", its not just that they don't GET IT, they don't care too. I would trade situations with them in a hear beat. Trade being chronically ill with a disease said to be so rare, it doesn't exist, a non-functioning pituitary gland, and the fatigue of a 90 year old man, the bills piling up, the constant fear of homelessness, with that of a fairly healthy, unemployed home owner.I love the guy like family, but c'mon!

Mrs. Zebra's UI ran out and she hasn't been able to find work. Ive been busy either working or doing work at home for people to get my name out there. When I can make my own schedule, I can do some work. But that is hard to tell an employer. We've had some help from good friends, who I like to refer to as "adopted family".

Christmas was rough. I miss my brother, and I think my blood relatives are mad at me. Mrs. Zebra and I had a very quite Christmas yesterday. Just tried not to think about the fact that our first Christmas in our new home might be our last. I have a little work in the pipeline, but it could take until March to pay out. I hate asking for help, from anyone, but we desperately need it. If you can help, it would be much appreciated. If you use paypal, you can click the link on the top, left of this page. Otherwise, if you want to help, send me a message.

The very scared and humble weary zebra.