Another Rare Day


As tired as I am now, I know it is the price I have to pay for such a fun day yesterday. Dr. Ludlum says I have a variable tumor, that turns on and off when it wants to. My tumor was ON yesterday! We had planned on going to a good friend's graduation dinner but we had not seen a movie in a while. So we decided on a matinee viewing of Robin Hood. Very good, I might add.
But as we headed to the dinner (more like a late lunch), my dad called and wanted my advice on a laptop. I was feeling good so we decided to meet after lunch. The significance of this is that he has never owned a computer before. So we had a great time at the graduation lunch, I ended up soaking myself with crawfish before it was over and the spicy seasoning made my lips (and inner nose) tingle. I went through a pitcher of tea keeping the hot spice at bay but the pain was worth it!

We took my dad to the Apple store, since they are DA BOMB! He will be using this mac for years! He even went to a class this morning about his mac! He also got an air card for his mac to access mobile internet! So proud of him.
But as fun of a day it was, I am paying for it today and in more than one way. I felt like trash as soon as we got home. My dad walks so fast. He wore me out! I felt even worse today, but it was worth it! I just get so SAPPED and drained anymore. But when I have the energy, I try to use it.
I also upset a really good friend yesterday. She shared something that was private that I thought was not as private as it was. I was having such a good time, I didn't see that. She is hurt but hopefully will stay a friend and one day I hope to earn her trust back.
Below are some goofy pics Mrs. Zebra took of me while at Camp Cushie. Just thought I would add them since over all it was a good day yesterday.

The Weary Zebra

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