Green Light for Tests, But Need Referal

"Dear, Dr. XXXX
I have been tracking my symptoms for a few months and based on my symptoms and the research I have done and people I have talked to, I elected to do testing for Cushing's disease. I did a 24hr UFC and my results are attached. It is 3X the normal high. Because of this, I requested a second opinion froma specialist in Seattle. Baised on his recomendation, I am asking for a referal to see him. They need it for me to cross state lines. They have requested the following faxed to them:
" Refer to Dr. William Ludlam for extensive workup and treatment for potential complex Cushing's Syndrome and pituitary disease. "
Because of my test result, we got insurance on me just in case I am positive. If you have any questions, you can call me, or Dr. Ludlum's Coordinator

I was given the go a head for testing from Swedish and my *spit*insurance company after a $500 deductible. But now I need to convince my primary doctor or the doctor I did the test with for a referral . Both are very egotistical, but since my doc wont loose any money on the deal, I went with him first. I got a conformation that he got it and will get back with me. Whatever prayers or good vibes you can spare, please send them my way!
The Weary Zebra

The Porcelain God


This is what I saw most of yesterday. Well, this isn't MY toilet, but you get the picture. It all started Sunday night. I think I overworked myself when I got my "high" by doing some major cleaning. Well, trying to anyway. Moving furniture, boxes, my wife yelling at me to stop. I should have listened. I got light headed and laid down. About 10 min later, I couldn't move. It hurt to breathe. I was nauseous, dizzy, and confused. I figured I had just done too much so I went to sleep.
By 6am yesterday, I was puking my guts up. I had to about three times before I left out the door for work. A little cola and I was fine for a few hours, then visited the porcelain god four more times in 4 hrs. I couldn't concentrate on work so I left and spent the entire day in bed, trying to either sleep or find out if this was a bug, or a sign I have cyclical cushing's.
I read later that evening if I put 1/4 teaspoon of 1% hydrocortisone cream (anti-itch) that if I was having Adrenal Insufficiency symptoms, it might help pull me out. SO after throwing all day, thats exactly what I did. And about 30 min later, I had an appetite (small one, but it was there), and I didn't feel as achey or dizzy. I don't believe in coincidences, but Im still not 100% this morning. I guess either way, its Cushie. Either its cyclical, or just bad immune system. Oh well. Hopefully, Dr. Ludlam's office will get a hold of the insurance company and I can be on my way to a cure.

The Weary Zebra