Green Light for Tests, But Need Referal

"Dear, Dr. XXXX
I have been tracking my symptoms for a few months and based on my symptoms and the research I have done and people I have talked to, I elected to do testing for Cushing's disease. I did a 24hr UFC and my results are attached. It is 3X the normal high. Because of this, I requested a second opinion froma specialist in Seattle. Baised on his recomendation, I am asking for a referal to see him. They need it for me to cross state lines. They have requested the following faxed to them:
" Refer to Dr. William Ludlam for extensive workup and treatment for potential complex Cushing's Syndrome and pituitary disease. "
Because of my test result, we got insurance on me just in case I am positive. If you have any questions, you can call me, or Dr. Ludlum's Coordinator

I was given the go a head for testing from Swedish and my *spit*insurance company after a $500 deductible. But now I need to convince my primary doctor or the doctor I did the test with for a referral . Both are very egotistical, but since my doc wont loose any money on the deal, I went with him first. I got a conformation that he got it and will get back with me. Whatever prayers or good vibes you can spare, please send them my way!
The Weary Zebra


Saberlowe said...

Sending all kinds of prayers and good vibes your way! Great letter to your doc, btw!

The Weary Zebra said...

Thanks. I received a response already. He wants me to see his endo in Plano. I respectfully asked again for the referral to Dr. Ludlam because "two doctors I have seen so far wont listen, and Dr. Ludlam does." I was good and didnt mention that he was one of those two doctors. Waiting on his response.

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