I know I havent done an entry in a while. Mostly because not much has changed.
I had sinus surgery almost two months ago and while I am breathing a bit better, Im still not out of the woods as they say. Its not healing properly, probably due to the extra cortisol Im still producing. At least, I think I am producing. I am having cushing's symptoms still, and they are getting worse. I am waiting on a medfusion from Ludlum but they are supposed to call me. That will prompt a 8am blood test to see weather or not I need a full work up or not. And my insurance runs out after april. If I want, I can pay the full $600/mo but thats one unemployment check. So unless something happens soon, Im screwed. Im still waiting on growth hormone from Dr. Ludlum and honestly I dont know what to do at this point.
The last few weeks, I have been so depressed. I cant find work, I cant get my hormones fixed, and now Im about to not have insurance anymore. I just hope something happens soon to fix this.

The Weary, and worried, Zebra

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zebra - I just discovered your blog today and since you haven't posted for a while I wanted to make sure you are ok! Hope you have been able to find work/health insurance and your Cushing's is under control (and whatever jackass you used to work with has stopped bothering you). I am in the early stages of Cushing's testing right now. We have also had our fair share of unemployment/lack of insurance/foreclosure etc. over the last couple of years. So I truly feel your pain!


The Weary Zebra said...

Hey, sorry I havent posted in a while. Ive been so low in energy and the feeling no one cares... well you know. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! I need it.

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