Emotional Rollercoster


Cushing's can be a ride for sure. But not nearly as cool as a rollercoaster. Maybe, like one you are strapped to and cant get off. 
Imagine, one moment you are depressed and tired. You ache and have really bad anxioty. Then, all of a sudden, you have all this energy and get ticked at the smallest thing!  And this happenes daily. Day in, day out. Oh, and you dont sleep. Maybe 3 hrs a night. 

But whats worse: When you finaly get your test results back, and they look like they point tword a diagnosis... and your doctor craps all over them telling you a bunch of BS about them. Saying that your faking the tests out and cheating! It makes me so mad! And depressed. Like I messed up or something. IDK, I just look to my friends for support... family still doesnt get it yet.

The Weary Zebra, still riding the loops...


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