Errands and Pride

I wont lie. I hate mundane shopping. I love cool shopping. Shopping for gadgets, computer parts, movies, action figures (don't judge me!), costume parts, etc. But shopping for clothes sucks (I cant wear most of the cool stuff, but Big and Tall is getting some cool stuff. Will post pics of dork pants later!), and grocery shopping kills me.
Two days ago, I had to make yet another quick trip to Wal-Mart. This weekend, we need to make a list of stuff we need. Anyway, everything was grocery except the Miracle-Gro. Funny they come in singles, like Kool-Aid. My mother always used to say she fed us the stuff. And the way the store is laid out, all the plant stuff is on the other side of the huge store. So I grab a cart and head that way. Now, I remind you that even though I have had Cushing's for 18 years, my symptoms have only gotten really bad the past 3-5 years. I used to pull 10 of these carts in at a time with rope hundreds of times a day. When I was a cart pusher at this same store, I could push 100 of them with two guys helping and one to steer. I didn't make it half way to the other side of the store with ONE empty car before I had to stop and rest. I was pouring sweat and ached all over like I HAD pulled 10 of these. You can imagine what it was like when I got it this full. This was most of it. I juts got some fresh veggies and checked out at the self check out.
When my back was out, I had no problem using the electric carts. And to some degree, it is still out. But I didn't want to use the stupid things again. This trip showed me that I just might have to the next time.
Or just drive my smart inside.

The Weary Zebra

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Lisa said...

haha--not funny but the other day I used the electric cart for the first time. My dh and I laughed but we both knew I'd never make it otherwise. This post-op crap is worse than the pre-op in terms of fatigue--yes, I am the bearer of good news, huh? lol Anyways, we were hoping to come up on someone else using a cart and challenge them to a race but no such luck-lol. Hang in there, friend and use those carts!

The Weary Zebra said...

I had figured my low days were just God getting me ready for remission. I just feel lik everyone is starring at me, thinking "He doesnt need that cart. WTH?" Its embarrassing. Id rather not go anywhere.

I always told my mom we needed to put a 3cyl engine on her scooter. heheh

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