Zebra Snippet #2: Cushie Meter?

Again, if you have a better idea what to call these short updates, let me know.

I had a bad attack last night, and another one this morning, though not as bad. If you read my other blog, the one on blogger (this is reposted to that one too) you will know of my "purple rage". As I learn more about this disease, I have noticed three things that happen when I get panicky/mad/frustrated/high: 1) my face flushes nearly every time, 2) my stripes turn red/purple, and 3) so do the "dots" on my arms and back. I have a built in cortisol or "Cushie" meter. Its weird to those who don't know me, and to those who have known me for a while, its just an explanation. So when I start to feel the rush of hormones, I just check my "meter" like most check their watch. Because I don't wear a watch. I sweat too much. Wow, that was a bit random. Happy Monday.

The Weary Zebra

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