Camp Cushie: Day One

Day 1: Rough Shot over the Bow
I am still working on the VLOG, and it will have better info than I do now. Day one was rough. Whatever you do, if you come, go shopping in a TAXI! Dont take the bus for groceries! Lugging $70 WORTH OF $40 grocery all over downtown was not fun. Especially with a picc line in your arm. Im doing blood work every 4 hrs, and I met with Dr. L yesterday. He is SOOOO cool! His staff is great and the staff at Cherry Hill is the best! They are so friendly and funny. Im sleepy now, but I did a 15min vlog at midnight that is much better and has more info.


stoptheviolins said...

So glad you made it out there to see him! He's great, he's been my doctor for 4 years. :)


Debra C said...

Hi, K and B. Thank you, B for posting your experiences there. It really helps get a good overview of not just the testing but also from the views of a tourist, also. Good luck while you're there. Plus, love the Cage the Elephant music on the video blog!

I'm praying for answers for you.

DebraC from the Cushing's forum.

Lisa said...

Here's to day 1!! Best wishes!

Nancy said...

May you have strength and joy in the midst of your battle!

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