Swedish Medical Center Prolouge

Well, today was amazing, though we are exhausted. We had two hours of sleep before our flight left this morning for Seattle, WA to see Dr. Ludlum at the Swedish Hospital. It was my first commercial flight and the first time I had ever been further west than Denver. The view was amazing and I will have a really cool vid about the flight later.
We took a nap after we checked in at the Inn at the hospital. I will post a pic of the room later, but if you are coming, do not expect much. It is a converted patient floor. We spent the afternoon at Seattle Center. We hope to do more over the course of the week but the schedule is very tough. One day this week, I cant eat most of the day. I will keep you all informed. Tip #1: If you decide to come, try to be back before 9pm. If you get back later than that, you will be locked out and will have to go in the ER entrance. Night folks! Oh, if you want pics from today, copy and pate this into your browser and enjoy!
The Weary Zebra.


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