Loosing More Hair

The misses found this last night, because she loves gazing starry eyed into my eyes, that I am loosing more hair. This time, it is my eyebrows.
My hair is patchy, so now I wear a hat. And she started loosing her eyebrows a few years back. Thats she she started her PCOS symptoms that no treatment is helping (hmmm, wonder why?) and the doc then said it was her thyroid which no meds are touching either. So at this rate, I will be completely hairless by the time I am 30.
Thanks Cushing's. I didnt need any self confidence...

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lydia said...

hairloss due to screwed up thyroid grows back when thyroid is well replenished by enough thyroidmeds.
And that can even mean not plain oll levothyroxine but another med like armour thyroid or alike.
Going by tsh alone is not the trick, having optimal ft4 and ft3 is the goal.
In cushing's the tsh is falsely lowered by cortisol anyhow, or messed up by a pit adenoma making it look low while ft4 and ft3 are still too low to cover the hypothyroidism.

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