Official Diagnosis and Surgery

Well, I got the call today....

I knew it was important when they called Mrs. Zebra first, and conferenced me in. Kind of like when you are called into the principal's office and your mom is standing there when you walk in the door... yea, that kind of stomach turning nervousness... but I knew what he was going to say. Why so nervous...

I went to the back and Dr. Ludlum got on the line.

His pauses as SOOOO long...

He starts off by asking me how I felt toward the end of the week. Truth be told, I don't remember. Its been a week, and I didn't sleep that week... but I remember it wasn't great, and I was up late against my will, red face, stripes, etc. Apparently, my tumor turned off about Thursday. My dex reaction was high normal. My UFCs from Monday through Wed were 150, 180, 190 (take that OLD PCP DOC!) but my IPSS didnt show anything. Except..

long pause

The tech said he wouldn't trust the numbers if they came out normal. He said my left sinus cavity is way to large, and will throw the numbers off, lowering them. And it did. Made them normal.
Long pause

Then he said that the UFCs should be enough to officially diagnose me. His exact words were, "You have The Cushing's" And my world stopped. My journey for a cure only really started this year and already I have a diagnosis. It is elating, but t the same time I feel guilty that so many others fight for years for it. But he wasn't done. He said he needs a bit more proof. My CT of lungs and abdomen look good, and he wants another Dex test, but wants an Octreotide scan to show any tumors. Kind of proving that it isn't anywhere else!
Now the problem is financing. Our savings is blown, tax return gone. I will get a bit of cash when we go to the convention in early June from our hotel mates, but we might need more. And... Mrs. Zebra cant come that first week. If she did, she would miss surgery because she would have to go back to work. And the Inn, while less expensive than a hotel, costs us more in rent for two weeks. So we ask for prayers and if you have any donations you would like to give, I will be attaching a paypal button on the blog. Its easy and you can use a credit card or checking account. Anything is appreciated.

So, here we go again....

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Wish i was closer to help you out.... xxxxx

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