Zebra Snippet #8: A Good Day

Saturday, I felt like junk. I was having GI issues all week. I couldn't eat because I was not digesting anything. But the cortisol made me hungry. Saturday, our small apartment was flooded with sewer backup. Our entire building was affected. I couldn't sit still during the film we went to. And I felt like a slug all day.
Sunday.... Sunday was wonderful. I didn't need a cane, I had an appetite to eat! I had enough energy to clean our apartment getting ready for our trip on the 18th. I paid for it Monday morning, but by Monday afternoon was ok too, I even replaced R2D2's headlights. Good thing I felt good too, because my wife has a stomach bug. So this morning, I decided to brand my droid. I added one last decal to the window. Its in the upper right hand corner. When they happen, days like Sunday and yesterday afternoon are Godsends. I cant thank God enough for them. The fallout can be bad, but I get so much done its worth it.

The Weary Zebra

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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear the wife is sick and hope she is better soon. I so know what you mean on the 'good' days--it is amazing what you get done. We Cushie's pay for it like hell but still....it is nice to have those moments.

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