Testing and Loneliness

Well, yesterday I completed the first part of my tests while here. It I had what is called an Octreoscan. On Monday, I started laxatives and Tuesday I was injected with radioactive isotopes. Then Tuesday I had a full body scan. But my abdomen wasn't coming out good, so I was told to drink an entire bottle of Magnesium citrate. I usually have daily diarrhea because of the cortisol, or rather the lack there of, but when I come here it stops. SOOOO I went to down town and looks at kilts and over did it and that night I tried to down the entire 10 oz bottle. Last time I had to take this, I was trying to get into the Navy. I had to do it twice. I literally spent the night both times on the toilet. I couldn't get the entire bottle down this time, but the half I did get down did the job and then some. I couldn't eat meat still, and the ramen was not sitting well on the laxative all day. On top of that, I has crashed so EVERYTHING hurt. All my family was busy I guess, even Mr. Zebra didn't want to talk to me yesterday. For two days in fact. So I was felling very alone. Then during my 2nd scan, I had to hold my hands above my head for almost 2 hours. It was not a good day. I felt like I could sleep all day.
Today, was much better. A cushie from Ireland Skyped me and helped cheer me up early this morning while I was still up (2am local time). Had a cushie friend in the area come down and hang out with me. She was great (very high, like I was) and her daughter was a riot! Mrs. Zebra talked to her on the phone and wants to clone her! I took bunches of pictures and we both had a blast on the ferry! Thank you so much!
4 days left before surgery, and tomorrow Mrs. Zebra comes up from Texas! I miss her so much!

Oh, and the photo? Thats me. Im glowing. All the white specks are radioactive particles! Im super geek now! I can... well.. glow. Thats about it. And whine.

The Weary Zebra

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