For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to sit outside and watch the firework on Independence Day WITHOUT SWEATING!. Unfortunately, I was too pooped to make it down to the park. And it was raining off and on. So this is as close as I got. And I misjudged the distance of the fireworks when I snapped this picture because I thought this was a big as they were going to get. NOPE! But it was bitter sweet.
I got in to Seattle about 7:30 pm and missed the cafeteria here being open. So I had to either eat ramen or order out.

I ordered out. But NOTHING is open on the 4th around here except Pizza Hut. Oh well. So I ordered and decided, since it be about 2 hrs (yea, THAT busy) I would go try to find the fireworks. A nurse was opening up the 6th floor facing that way and we had about 3 couples join us. It was cool, all the sickos huddled around the window watching fireworks. The pasta got here early so I had to bolt, but it was still neat. I just really missed Mrs. Zebra. She is still in Texas, worried sick about me. I wish I could have shared it with her. It may be something we will do next year.

I couldn't sleep. Both lonely, and hot, It was hard to sleep. And teh battle between jet lag and cortisol was waged, and this time cortisol won. I didn't sleep until 2am local time (4am central) and I was up at 6:20am local time. But its nice outside. About 54°, and they are already warning of the heat wave this weekend: 84°! HA! Home away from home!

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Holly said...

Heat Wave at 84. Man, I wish.

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