Set In Stone

Yes, steal is a mineral and minerals are considered stones. My blog, I win.
I got the tag for my bracelet in about two weeks ago, but the bracelet I had wouldn't work so I had to order a new one. It came in yesterday. So I re-sized it (thanks Mom!) and put it together. I decided to start wearing it just to get used to it. I didn't want it bugging me while weaning. But as I put it together, the road ahead seems more solidified. It also seems long and arduous, but at least it is more clear than it was before. I have much more to go, but the crest looks to be neigh. IN 13 days, I will have my pituitary gland sliced, minced, prodded, poked at, sucked and snipped. I am ready. Lets DO EHT!

I just hope while up there, my marbles don't come out. I need those.

And Yes, my name is on my tag. Photoshop took care of that.

The Weary Zebra

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The Weary Zebra said...

My sister posted this to the Posterious blog I keep. Its the same info as here but they make it easier to post.

"SmurfnCo said...
Although without you realizing it Cushings has defined you up to this point in your life. But I can't help but feel that you are much more than this disease. You are not Chushings. You are so much more. So while your life might seem like it spirals around this center of gravity called Cushings... always remember that first and foremost you were born BJI.... the little boy whom when I met you and tried to call you BJ, mom said "Oh No... not his name!" The little boy who couldn't tell us the name of his first girlfriend but could positively identify her age by the size of her head in comparison to yours... The strong son and brother who felt way deeper than you or I were raised to feel... You are YOU who happens to have this disease... but not for one second do I believe in your weakest moment this disease HAS YOU. I love you."

The Weary Zebra said...

My Reply:

Wow, not many people actual comment to the posterious blog (I send out my blogger one, same info). The problem I have now is trying to tell what about me is affected by the Cushing's personality wise, what isnt, and what that is affected will change, if anything. I grew up as "mom's little stonner" because of how Cushing's effects my memory and balance. For years I was labled as having a short temper when in fact I have a chemical imbalance. I have never been healthy enough for any kind of physical activity, and a loner in most cases because of how this disease messes with my self-esteem. Doing "my own thing" is hibernating because I dont feel good and feel ostracized by the outside world. So that why I posed the question a few posts ago: Who am I aside from the Cushing's? And I dont think it is an answer I will ever know because my persona is built around those limitations. More of an introspective question, but one that haunts me. Just like what would my childhood and relationship with my parents be like if I or we didnt have Cushing's? I relate so much more to our mother now that ever before, and because of this horrible disease, I know what she must have struggled through. Again, something I will never know for sure. As sad as it sounds, I AM Cushings, and it is me, even though it is not my entirety, I dont know where the line, if any, is. :) Thanks sis! I never did like BJ, especially when the coach would yell it at me.

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