Sick AND Moving


Yes, we are moving. No longer do I have to take this heat! How can we afford to move, you ask? I cant tell you. Not yet. I will be able to after the move, for sure. Its a tricky predicimate. Honestly, Im hoping the lawsuit against Capture the Market goes through before December, but that is going slow. Mrs. Zebra has finally stopped getting harassed, for the time being at least, and is slowly getting her new career online. It really sucks being sick, and needing to work. In any other industrialized nation in the world, we would both have jobs and be on sick leave until better. End of story. So we are doing the closest thing we can and leaving Libertarian Texas for a more kind and gentler state- the great Soviet of Washington! LOL! Yea, not really. But still going to WA. My doc is there, and more friends family are there than speak to us here. I will miss my sister, brother, dad, and my close friend from child hood, but it will make visits that much better.
But, we have been trying to move for three years this October. We live surrounded by two year old boxes full of stuff we need, but have no room for. And we dont have the energy to unpack, repack, move, then unpack. Hopefully getting to WA will allow us to afford a storage unit or garage to store our heirlooms and stuff.
I have been in quite a low the last few weeks, but I think Im coming out of it. Mrs. Zebra is going into a low though, so its time to step up and do my share. But because of my limited energy, I cant make good on commitments I have made to others. It makes me feel horrible enough that I cant support my wife yet, let alone the feeling that I am making others upset that I am a flake. But soon, I WILL be making money. IN WA, I have a "job" of sorts that will allow me to work from home, and finance our health and eventually my first documentary.
Sorry for not blogging more but with the low energy, and the harassment, I just didn't feel like it.
The Weary and Depressed Zebra.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Weary Zebra,
I hope by now you and Mrs Zebra have been able to make the move up to the beautiful state of Washington. I lived there when I was 12 and then later I lived in Portland when I was 52. I love the great Pacific Northwest and the beautiful forests there.

I just got my Cushing's diagnosis last month and am waiting for surgery. I've been really sad to hear about your tough and lonely journey, and also to hear that Mrs Zebra most surely has this awful disease too. My children (I have 4 adult kids) don't understand. They think I'm a hypochondriac and that I make things ups. My oldest son has this disease too but he's in denial. I left a comment about him on an earlier post of yours from 2010. I am trying to get him to go for testing, especially since he has insurance now.

I have been so worried about you and the missus and I hope y'all have been able to make the move up to Washington. The heat in the south is so hard on people with Cushing's. I live in Mexico, without A/C, and the heat just paralyzes me. I sure am worried about y'all and if I'd like to give you both a big big hug and lots of love and encouragement. We have to keep on trying, no matter how shitty life is for us. There are times when I really want to call it quits, but it would break my husband's heart if I decided to "check out" of this life. But I have to admit that sometimes I really want to. But we have to keep on keeping on and hope for better days ahead. Please hang in there and know that we all love you and want you and the missus to have a better life, and we believe one day it will happen. Please give my love to Mrs Zebra, what a lovely wife you have. Lotsa love to you both, Gail

CushieDiva said...

(((hugs))) Good luck and God bless!

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