So hard

I saw the therapist today. He saved me from the psych ward. The doctor saw me break down from entering the clinic, since the moon of my life wasn't there, and wanted to admit me. He brokered a deal where I give my firearms to a friend. Hopefully I can get some tools to recognize the physical symptoms of the hulk before I wake up him again, so I can at least escape and not hurt anyone. While I try and hold it together, read this. 

My Wichita Girl
She is my world
She came into my life
Then became my wife
It was us against the world
Me and My Wichita Girl

I was in a dark place
And then I saw her face
Her dimpled smile
blond hair blue eyes
and a body to die for
I had to speak to her
Then she messaged me
That wichita girl.

When we first met
my heart skipped a beat
I couldn't believe it
She really drove to met me
She became my world
My wichita girl

When my mama died
When my brain did fry
When I almost died
she was standing right beside me
When I couldn't walk
When I couldn't talk
when I needed a helping hand
She is the best wife in the land
My wichita girl

Now Im all alone
Now Im on my own
A broken man
That great big blonde
is broken too
and just couldn't withstand
But I still pine
and dream at night 

For my wichita girl.


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