Zebra Snippet: Zebra Spoons

A good friend and fellow Cushing's Blogger, actually featured in the related area here, messaged me yesterday after I had been trying to get a hold of her to see how she was doing. That should have told me enough, but I persisted and when she did finally send a reply, she told me about the Spoon Theory. Its not really a theory as much as it is a way to explain how one measures the amount of energy they have for the day. 

For those of you who don't know what it is, you can do a google search for "You Don't Look Sick spoon theory" or click here for the story. Basically when you are sick, or have a disability, you only start out with so much energy for they day. Everything you do saps you of energy. So you have to be aware if that. For Cushing's suffers, the amount of spoons can vary from day to day, especially if you cycle like I seem to do. She told me that she was out of spoons because of how sick she had been. I know the feeling. 

So read the story and thought how it applied to my life and passed out. Apparently, my cycles have switched to somewhat "normal" yesterday and today. Except I feel like its a switch and they are too far apart. Last night, I could barley keep my eyes open, and when I was awoken this morning I was dragging and very sore. Then, as I started my routine, my heart started to pound and the high started. 

Anyway, I knew how many spoons I had today, and the files I am dealing with lately, full of scripts, are taking away my spoons little by little. They have been tough to deal with, but today they are really bad. I feel like i should have stayed home, but the Adderall is helping some. Lets see how long my spoons last!

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